Arabian Racehorse Sculpture - work in progress

- maquette for life size bronze sculpture.

Maquette size -  12" ( 31 cm ) high x 17" ( 43 cm ) long x 4" ( 10 cm ) wide plus base 

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O​ff to the Races....Working on this new Arabian Racehorse sculpture in many ways is like training and preparing a horse to reach its peak perfection. Minor changes and refinements make all the difference to the finished bronze or  a racehorse's  final performance.

Anne's Arabian Racehorse is shown here in the original clay as a work in progress captures the essence of Arabian Horseracing.. Once the original is completed it will be finished in bronze, at this scale and the equestrian bronze sculpture will also be available as a life size bronze sculpture.

Custom options. Whatever scale you can have your bronze racehorse finished in any colour,  with the jockey's silks finished in your colours​.

 aARABIAN Horse Bronze SculptureS  by   J. Anne Butler​ 

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