​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture  by   J. Anne Butler​ 

Bronze sculptor, J. Anne Butler offers this ethereal floating 

Arab horse sculpture in bronze.

A table top size  limited edition Arabian horse bronze sculpture, Sunshine Dancer is offered in your choice of bronze patina colour.

Mounted on a  circular black granite base the Sunshine Dancer Arabian horse bronze sculpture will enhance any Fine Art collection.

Sunshine Dancer is truly an exquisite arab horse sculpture
that exudes life and grace.  

Sunshine Dancer is the perfect trophy or presentation piece. 

"Oh My Goodness, I'm in love..... Sunshine Dancer exceeds all expectations.

​Thank you so much,

​Ellen Ketchum

( collector of arabian horse bronzes.

 Sunshine Dancer - Arab Horse Sculpture

 Offered in table top size 16" (40.5 cm) high and in an enlarged form named Freedom

"I give thee flight without wings"

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